Bi-PAP Machines

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Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure Machines, also referred to as BiPAP machines, are commonly used to treat individuals diagnosed with sleep apnea.  we stock an extensive range of BiPAP machines that have been approved for use in Australia from all the trusted major brands.

What is a BiPAP Machine Used For?
BiPAP machines are a non-invasive form of sleep therapy that’s used for complex or central sleep apnea or sleep-related hypoventilation. BiPAP machines have dual settings, which means specific pressures can be delivered whether you are inhaling or exhaling. If you are experiencing trouble adapting to a CPAP machine, then your doctor may recommend a BiPAP machine.

BiPAP Machines For Sale Online or In-Store

For the biggest range of BiPAP machines available, If you’re new to BiPAP therapy and want to learn more about our range of BiPAP machines, then book a consultation today. Or you can visit us and one of our CPAP specialists can go through our extensive product range and provide expert advice