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CPAP stands for “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure” and is the gold standard treatment for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), otherwise known as sleep apnea machines.

There are 3 types of CPAP machines but are sometimes collectively called “CPAP” even though they are actually APAP or BiPAP machines. The 3 types are:

  • Fixed Pressure CPAP (otherwise known as CPAP) – is a machine that deliver a constant air pressure whilst you sleep.
  • Automatic CPAP (otherwise known as APAP, Variable Pressure CPAP or Smart CPAP) – is a newer form of CPAP machine, that was invented primarily with the purpose of improving patient compliance. Optimal therapy is achieved by automatically providing the patient with the minimum pressure required to maintain an unobstructed airway on a breath-by-breath basis.
  • BiPAP (otherwise known as Bi-level, VPAP, or medical ventilation) – is a machine that delivers one pressure for breathing in, and a different pressure for breathing out. These machines are usually reserved for people who require high pressure or have respiratory or cardiac failure. 

It is recommended that you consult your doctor if you are unsure which machine will suit you best.

The CPAP Shop has helped thousands of patients source a CPAP Machine for Sale at the right price for any budget, irrespective of how mild, moderate or severe their Obstructive Sleep Apnoea is. Whether you are looking for an Automatic CPAP Machine, Fixed Pressure CPAP Machine, or Bilevel machine, The CPAP Shop has clinicians ready and able to assist you with your individual needs.

The CPAP Shop is Illawarra's largest CPAP retailer offering sleep apnea treatments across all the preferred CPAP brands, such as ResMed, Philips Respironics, Fisher & Paykel, DeVilbiss, & BMC,  If you are looking for a CPAP Machine for Sale and ongoing patient care and support with your treatment, CPAP payment plans also available.

When purchasing a CPAP machine our clinicians will assist you with setting up your CPAP machine pressures and CPAP settings, to ensure your CPAP treatment is optimal. For those under the care of a Sleep Specialist, we will work with them to ensure you are provided with all the relevant Sleep Apnea education and CPAP treatment options.

We appreciate how daunting CPAP treatment can be for new CPAP treatment users, and we have CPAP Consultants available to assist you with a CPAP rental, so that you can try all the different CPAP machines before deciding which CPAP machine to buy.