Try, Philips Mask Selector 3D, The Right Fit, First Time!

Philips Respironics Mask Selector Allows for Minimal Contact CPAP Interface Selection | Sleep ReviewWoman using Philips Mask Selector 3D CPAP - Media library | Philips

 When it comes to sleep apnoea, the fit of a mask can make or break a good night’s sleep. 1 out of 3 people newly diagnosed with sleep apnoea struggle to find the right CPAP mask for them. 1 But with Philips Respironics Mask Selector 3D, that doesn’t have to be the case.

What is Philips Respironics Mask Selector 3D? ​

 Philips Respironics Mask Selector 3D is a premium technology that can help you find the right CPAP mask fit at initial setup.2

Our 3D facial scanning tool helps your providers fit a mask, personalised to you.


How does Philips Respironics Mask Selector 3D work?​ ​

 Get an accurate, precise CPAP mask recommendation with our latest technology, Philips Respironics Mask Selector 3D. Our proprietary software is based on over 10 years of facial scanning research for mask design. Its mask type, sizing and fitting software is built upon a wide range of ethnicities and geographies.

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